The second season of the hit Argentine dark comedy series El Encargado (The Manager) is set to premiere in the US and across the globe. (Yay!)

El Encargado
El Encargado: Guillermo Francella Eliseo — Photo courtesy of Hulu

This brilliant dark comedy series follows Eliseo (Guillermo Francella, Nada, The Clan), the building manager of a luxe high-rise. He’s a bit of an odd fellow, but mostly he’s a total schemer, one who makes himself at home in residents’ apartments, demands kickbacks from repairmen, and the like.

In Season 1, Eliseo, whose apartment is on the roof of the building, resorts to all manner of scheming and abusing his power to keep his home and his job, as there are plans for that space which require the money from his salary. From exploiting various situations, to spying on and manipulating the residents, including Zambrano (Gabriel Goity, Romanos), the president of the homeowner association that employs him, Eliseo goes to any and every length to prevent losing everything.

Season 2 picks up soon after the events in Season 1. Eliseo is happy, still working in the building and living in the apartment. And his scheming continues, as he has installed hidden cameras in different parts of the building. Meanwhile, Zambrano’s life is a mess; his wife has left him and he lives alone like a bum.

Then NGO official Lucila Morris (Maria Abadi, La Reina del Sur) moves in and offers to clean up the building’s accounts and replace the figure of the homeowner association president with a homeowner council, causing Eliseo to feel threatened. He fears that Morris could find out about his pay-to-play deals with the suppliers and contractors and lose everything for good this time. But then Eliseo discovers that Zambrano has his own shady businesses in the building, too, and even though they despise each other, they will have to work together to deal with their mutual enemy.

El Encargado: Season 2, a Hulu Original, premieres in the US tomorrow, Wednesday, November 29, exclusively on Hulu. In international markets, the new season premieres on the same date on Disney+ and Star+.

Costars include Darío Barassi (Adentro), Gastón Cocchiarale (Nada), Pochi Ducasse (The Heist of the Century), Martín Slipak (Maradona: Blessed Dream), and Martin Stark (Limbo).


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El Encargado: Season 2 of Argentine Dark Comedy Series Set for Global Premiere
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