Netflix has set the US premiere date for Seven Orifices, a new sci-fi series from Japan.

Seven Orifices
Seven Orifices: Shinichi Tsutsumi as Ozawa — Photo courtesy of Netflix

The titular openings in Seven Orifices are a part of the seven massive, mysterious structures that appear from out of nowhere in random locations across Japan — from the middle of a field to the middle of a road and the middle of a big city. The structures look like half of a shell of some kind of nut but humongous, or a cave that’s been cut out of a mountain, or (my initial thought) a portion of a Godzilla-sized turd.

What are these things? Why have they shown up? What’s inside them? Inquiring minds want to know. That includes Japan’s government, which had sent investigators to find out, only for them to never return. The same thing happened with ordinary folks who were curious enough to venture inside the orifices; like a ginormous Roach Motel® for humans, people checked in but they didn’t check out.

Needless to say, in lieu of any facts about the orifices, conspiracy theories abound.

One man with a more positive spin on them is Ozawa (Shinichi Tsutsumi, If My Wife Becomes an Elementary School Student). He sees them as beneficent, worshiping them as gods, even. His reasoning is, because no one who has ever gone in one of these orifices has come out, it must mean that they have chosen to stay inside, that whatever is within the orifices is way better than what’s in our world outside them. Thus, Ozawa declares them to be the cure for what ails us. Our salvation.

This is what Ozawa evangelizes, and he gains a following from amongst the Japanese public. And to demonstrate his belief that these huge holes are holy, he is going to go inside an orifice himself, and asks who would like to go with him. Eight of his followers respond and join him at a resort facility, where Ozawa directs each of them to pick the date that they wish to enter the orifice. They must also share with the others and record the reasons why they want to go inside the orifice. In so doing, they reveal their innermost secrets…

Seven Orifices premieres in the US on Thursday, May 23, on Netflix. (You can set a reminder for it now.) (The series is already screening on Netflix in other territories.)

The cast includes Taishi Nakagawa (Burn the House Down) as Kawabata, Shota Sometani (Sanctuary) as Sugaya, Moka Kamishiraishi (Pending Train) as Matsuoka, Kokoro Morita (The Files of Young Kindaichi) as Aoyama, Kanji Furutachi (First Love) as Watanabe, Tetsu Hirahara (Godzilla Minus One) as Shingo, Tomoko Nakajima (Meet Me After School) as Iguchi, and Masataka Kubota (Unnatural) as Okamoto.


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Seven Orifices: New Japanese Sci-Fi Drama Series Gets US Premiere Date
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