Hulu has announced the US premiere date for Limbo, its new Original drama from Argentina.

Limbo TV series
Limbo — Imgae courtesy of Hulu

Following its recent debut in Latin America as a Star+ Original and its second season renewal by Disney, Limbo, a Hulu Original, premieres in the US tomorrow, Wednesday, November 23, exclusively on Hulu.

Limbo follows the story of Sofia (Clara Lago, The Neighbor), a young millionaire heiress who seems to have it all: oodles of money, a glamorous lifestyle, a family that gives her everything she wants, and a diverse group of friends alongside in her privileged, audacious life.

When her father dies, Sofía must leave Madrid and return to her native Buenos Aires, where she faces a difficult road ahead. Her father had left his cosmetics company to Sofia and her ambitious brothers, Ignacio (Mike Amigorena, Los exitosos Pells) and Andrés (Esteban Pérez, Post Mortem), thus forcing the three siblings to work together to maintain the patriarch’s business empire and legacy.

Needless to day, a power struggle amongst the siblings ensues. For her part, Sofia, who describes herself as “the only mediocre one in an exceptional lineage,” is motivated to prove that she can be more than just a hard-partying, high-maintenance socialite and fulfill on her obligations as one of the company’s shareholders. So she embarks on a journey with that goal in mind — a journey that is fraught with missteps and setbacks, but also profound revelations and personal transformation. This is the story of Sofia — a tale of a young woman who overcomes numerous obstacles and discovers the power that she carries within her.

The cast of the ten-episode first season includes Rebeca Roldan (The Mallorca Files), Geena Román (White Lines), Andres Gil (Don Matteo), Enrique Piñeyro (Whisky Romeo Zulu), Michel Noher (If Only), Jaime Zevallos (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit), and Andrea Frigerio (The Distinguished Citizen), amongst others.


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Limbo: Drama Series from Argentina Set to Premiere in the US
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