Hulu has set the US premiere date for the Japanese comedy series Hirowareta Otoko.

Hirowareta Otoko
Hirowareta Otoko: Taiga Nakano as Saturo Matsudo — Photo courtesy of Hulu

Based on the real-life story of a popular sidekick actor, this comedy series follows Satoru Matsudo (Taiga Nakano, A Man), an aspiring actor who moves to Tokyo, where he tries and fails to break into the business. But his luck starts to change after he finds an airplane ticket belonging to the CEO of a talent agency, and over time Satoru makes a name for himself as an actor.

Then he gets a call from America. But instead of it being about an acting gig in Hollywood, like Satoru hopes for, the person on the other end has news he didn’t expect.

Hirowareta Otoko, a Hulu Original series, premieres in the US tomorrow, Wednesday, January 25, exclusively on Hulu.


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Hirowareta Otoko: New Japanese Comedy Series Set for US Premiere
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