Netflix has released the trailer for its new Original series Triptych, an Orphan Black-ish mystery crime thriller from Mexico. Check it out.

Triptych: Maite Perroni, David Chocarro — Photo Credit: Mayra Ortiz / Netflix © 2022

You never know with trailers. Sometimes they include just the best bits, leaving viewers to discover that the rest of the show or movie is just meh or worse. So my fingers are crossed that the entirety of Triptych will be as good as the trailer leads me to believe.

Adding to my anticipation for it is the show’s marketing: Not only is this series billed as a mystery crime thriller, with elements that immediately make me think of the awesome sci-fi thriller series Orphan Black, it’s pitched as “inspired by real events.” Now I really am intrigued! Is this Orphan Black meets Three Identical Strangers?

Triptych follows Becca, a forensics expert who, upon approaching the dead body at a crime scene, sees something shocking that she absolutely did not expect: the murder victim looks exactly like her.

Now the homicide investigation has a whole other side to it for Becca. How could there be a woman who could be her identical twin when, as far as she knew, she didn’t have one? Determined to find out the truth, Becca launches her own inquiry, which leads to another shocker: There’s a third woman who is identical to her and the deceased.

As Becca keeps digging, she journeys down a dark rabbit hole. While her family seem determined to hide the truth, others who might know something are disappearing. Now it is even more urgent for Becca to learn how she and these other two women are connected — before she, too, disappears. Or worse: become a murder victim herself.

The series stars Maite Perroni (Dark Desire, Who Killed Sara?) as Becca and the two other identical women. Costars include David Chocarro (All the Places), Flavio Medina (Narcos: Mexico), Nuria Bages (The Heart Is Never Wrong), Ofelia Medina (The Mosquito Coast), Ana Layevska (Mi secreto), Daniella Valdez, and Aldo Gallardo (Monarca).

Triptych, a Netflix Series, premieres globally on Wednesday, February 22, exclusively on Netflix. (You can set a reminder for it now.)


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Triptych: Netflix Drops Trailer for ‘Orphan Black’-ish Mystery Crime Thriller from Mexico
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