Netflix announced today the premiere date for Love After Music, the biopic series about influential music artist Fito Páez. Check out the teaser.

Love After Music
Love After Music: Ivos Hochman as Fito Páez — Photo by Julieta Horak © 2022 Netflix, Inc.

Love After Music (El amor después del amor) chronicles the life and career of Fito Páez, one of Argentina’s most important artists and one of the most important musical stars of Latin American rock.

Covering the span of thirty years, the biopic series follows Páez’s story — one marked by genius, tragedy, successes, failures, excesses and loves, and traces his musical journey with rock icons such as Charly García, Fabiana Cantilo, Luis Alberto Spinetta, Juan Carlos Baglietto, and others.

Love After Music, a Netflix Series, premieres globally on Wednesday, April 26, exclusively on Netflix. (You can set a reminder for it now.)

Playing Fito Paez as a child is Gaspar Offenhenden, with Ivos Hochman (The End of Love) playing the adult musician, singer-songwriter, composer, and film director.

Costarring as renowned Argentine rock legends are Micaela Riera (The One in Charge) as Fabiana Cantilo, Andy Chango (Según Roxi) as Charly García, Julián Kartún (Claudia) as Luis Alberto Spinetta, Daryna Butryk (Santa Evita) as Cecilia Roth, and Joaquín Baglietto as Juan Carlos Baglietto.

The cast also includes Martín “Campi” Campilongo (30 noches con mi ex) as Rodolfo Paez, Fito’s father, and Mirella Pascual (El Hipnotizador) as Belia, Fito’s grandmother.

The eight-episode series is produced by Juan Pablo Kolodziej and Mariano Chihade of Mandarina Contenidos.


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Love After Music: Premiere Date Set for Biopic Series About Argentinian Musician Fito Páez
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