Prime Video has set the premiere date for F#Ck1Ng Social Media, a new Mexican comedy series about the world of social influencers. Check out the trailer.

F#Ck1Ng Social Media
F#Ck1Ng Social Media — Photo © Amazon Studios

F#Ck1Ng Social Media (P#t@s Redes Sociales) stars Paulina Gaitán (Before I Forget, Diablo Guardián, El Presidente, Belascoarán, PI) as Amanda, a 30-year-old, once-famous internet influencer. Now forgotten by her former fans, her only hope for a comeback lies in the promise from LatamVision to make her the star of a reality show. However, all of her hopes are dashed when her contract gets canceled. Why? Because the channel has deemed her current social media relevance to be null. (Ouch.)

Meanwhile, rising TikToker Vicky Moo (Azul Guaita, Rebelde, Súbete a mi Moto, La Negociadora) is in the midst of her glory. The thing is, behind her over-the-top image is an innocent girl who wants to live a normal life. Her desire is thwarted by her father, Cesar (Hernán Mendoza, El Candidato), who encourages Vicki to stay in the lucrative world of the internet. It just so happens that Cesar is Vicky’s manager, too. (Hmm…)

Wait, it gets better. Cesar is also Amanda’s father and Vicki Moo is her half-sister.

After losing her only hope of returning to her former glory and lacking the money to live on her own, Amanda is forced to live with Cesar and Vicky — resenting him for abandoning her when she was a child, and resenting her for being the one who took her father away. The living arrangement worsens when Amanda discovers that the reality show was given to Vicky. (What a kick in the teeth.)

Desperate about her situation, Amanda decides to anonymously leak a nude photo of herself. This catapults her back into the spotlight, grabbing the attention of the public and the media. As a result, the reality show opens up to competition, giving her the chance to reclaim the starring role. Now she must dethrone her sister and become what she once was.

This reality show is Vicky’s only hope to finally become independent, so she fights for it. It also brings out the worst in both Amanda and Vicky, as the sisters wage war with social media as the battlefield. The leaked nude photo is the first step in an unstoppable snowball effect, leading to fabricated dreams of a romantic relationship on social media and the creation of a viral challenge that nearly kills someone. As Amanda gains followers, she also finds herself increasingly alone, realizing that her greatest rival is her own sister — and the only family she has left.

F#Ck1Ng Social Media premieres globally on September 14/15 (depending on your location), exclusively on Prime Video. (It premieres in the US on Thursday, September 14, at 8pm ET. You can add it to your watchlist now.)

Costars include Jorge Enrique Abello (Ana de nadie), Jesús Zavala (Club de Cuervos), Beng Zeng Wong (El Pantera), Melissa Hallvis (¿Tú crees?), Hugo Catalán (The House of Flowers), Bárbara Torres (Cabo), Nataly Valencia (Mortal Glitch), and Paola Fernández (Yankee).


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F#Ck1Ng Social Media: Prime Video Sets Premiere Date for Mexican Comedy Series
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